9 Effective ways to engage, attract and convert using social media

9 Effective Ways to Engage, Attract and Convert Using Social Media

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Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that is critical in all twenty-first-century models of marketing. Thus, it is essential to strategically plan out a strategy about your individual business goals and use this to guide your social media journey. However, creating this unique and comprehensive strategy is where some may feel lost or not know where to begin so here are effective ways to approach social media successfully:


Engaging prospective clients is the first step when developing social media content. Piquing the reader’s interest is an incredibly significant method to extend reach. What are prominent ways to engage leads?


1) Strengthen Social Selling


One of the oldest and highly proven methods to initiate dialogue with prospective clients merely is through interaction. Social Selling is a highly proficient way to engage directly and communicate with leads. As businesses can social network, educate and pique the interest of prospective clients through the practical method of communication. Social Selling can be effectively completed by utilizing various social media platforms to accomplish this form of unmatched dialogue.


2) Social monitoring is critical


By social monitoring, you will stay actively engaged with every topic about your business. Social monitoring is actively looking for anything from mentions to conversations that pertain to your business. This can also encompass monitoring competitors to learn from their downfalls and engage clients who are not satisfied with competitors’ performance looking for an alternative. A lot can be derived from competitor defeats and, as a result, boost engagement.

3) Create ads that stand out

Social media advertising can be extremely advantageous when done correctly. When advertising through social media, it is necessary to focus on and reach a specific target audience by predetermining the intended buyer persona. It is also essential to utilizing various advertising formats, which can be done by experimenting with new types of ads that you have yet to explore, such as GIFs and videos. This can help to extend your reach, deepen engagement and ultimately drive more sales.



By attracting prospective clients to view and consider your business, you are one step closer to obtaining their business. What are efficient ways to attract leads?


4) Boost SEO

Search engine optimization can be viewed as choosing the right words, incorporating useful links, and building a good reputation. This is the organic side of SEO, which is sustainable in the long term when creating your content strategy. This can help increase your content’s visibility to a broader range of viewers, allowing further reach and more opportunities to attract prospective clients. The other side of SEO is the paid side, which has proven to be extremely useful in expanding your reach as organic reach is down. Incorporating both organic and paid forms of SEO into your content strategy can result in the utmost viewer visibility, therefore attracting more individuals through a widened reach.


5) Social listening


A critical way to attract leads in a less intrusive manner is by social listening. Social listening comprises tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations that pertain to your brand on various social media platforms. It is incredibly beneficial as social listening can attract leads by helping to uphold your reputation. It can also help you discover new ideas or methods to enhance the features of existing products by monitoring and learning from competitors. By listening to what prospective clients want actively, you will be able to incorporate this into your business strategy and make your business more attractive to new leads.


6) Strategic campaigns


By approaching social content strategically and in terms of active campaigns, you will obtain the most success in arriving at your desired goals. It consists of considering what has been beneficial in the past and conducting a content audit to understand what your target audience prefers. By taking the time to properly consider these factors and incorporate them into a strategic campaign, you will attract new leads more productively and effectively.



Converting leads into clients is the final, pivotal step to obtain new clients, and all necessary measures must be taken to make sure it is done effectively. What are the ways to be successful when converting leads to clients?


7) Follow the right people


When finding and converting leads, you must be following the right people on your various social media platforms. It is essential because when viewing reach performance indicators such as follower count, it is not necessarily the quantity that matters rather than the quality. Having a smaller number of clients who will provide business to your company is significantly more valuable than having a large following who will not offer business.

The same applies when following people on social media platforms because you should not be indiscriminate and support everyone. Instead, it would be best to focus on people who are more likely to buy products and services to build loyalty and drive revenue growth. In turn, this will increase the rate of leads that become loyal clients.


8) Provide social proof


It is vital to have social proof from existing customers to build strong credibility. Through reach, performance indicators such as mentions, and engagement performance indicators such as reviews, leads can get a sense of how others view your business. Word of mouth is another important factor as people are more likely to incline to do something if someone they trust has recommended it. Thus, it is essential to build strong customer loyalty so that prospective clients can trust the brand.


9) Remember to humanize


Social care is ultimately the heart of your social media strategy as people want to talk to people, not brands. This humanistic element is a determining factor of whether you can convert a lead into a client or not. Social media is being used too frequently as a push channel. However, social media should be used to build your brand by being transparent, personal, and honest. It is these attractive traits that influence leads to become clients. Humanizing your brand will help you to obtain a bond and loyalty with new clients, and in turn, this will drive revenue growth.

Obtaining new clients by using the full range of comprehensive factors social media offers can be intimidating; however, you do not need to do it alone. We are here to help if you have questions or would like a partner to run alongside you to help engage, attract, and convert leads through utilizing social media’s advantageous components.



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